The Re-Engaging Ethics team seeks narratives in the following topic areas: equitable and just research, relationship dynamics, community informed risk/benefit assessment, and accountability.

We seek personal narratives or stories from the prospective of researchers, community members, and representatives ofInstitutional Review Board (IRBs) describing ethical dilemmas, challenges, and concerns based on experiences conducting and/or observing engaged research collaborations.

Personal narratives can be up to 6 pages and follow these guidelines:

  • Be submitted in Microsoft Word
  • Be typewritten in English
  • Be written in objective third person point of view throughout. Use ‘the authors’ or ‘the researchers’ NOT ‘I’ or ‘we’.
  • Include a narrative title and names of authors/co-authors

Specifically, the narrative should respond to the following areas:

  • What ethical challenges have you experienced in your own work?
  • Why is the problem important in the context of engaged research?
  • How was the problem identified?
  • What’s the challenge?
  • How was it resolved? How could it be resolved?
  • What lessons can help others in community-academic partnerships?
  • How can the guiding statements be applied to future work of each stakeholder?
  • Describe lessons learned.

The deadline for submitting personal narratives is Friday, December 15, 2017. Inquiries and narratives can be sent to:

Melissa A. Green
UNC Center for Health Equity Research
(919) 843-3304